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Discover Albuquerque’s Biggest Burger Delight!

In Albuquerque, food lovers can indulge in the biggest and most delicious burgers the city has to offer. From classic American favorites to unique Southwestern adaptations, these burger joints are sure to satisfy any craving for a colossal feast. Let’s explore some of the top spots in Albuquerque to find the biggest and most mouthwatering burgers according to factual data from various sources.

On The Flip: Beach Grub Perfected

On The Flip is a restaurant located in Albuquerque’s Tin Can Alley. Known for their perfected beach grub, their menu features a variety of delicious options.

One popular choice is the Burqueño Burger, which includes Hatch green chile, white Cheddar, red chile aioli, lettuce, and tomato.

Another standout dish is the Bacon n’ Street Corn Mac n’ Cheese, a flavorful mac and cheese topped with fresh lime, cotija cheese, and basil pico de gallo.

On The Flip offers a unique dining experience in the heart of Albuquerque, with their burgers and other dishes showcasing the flavors of the beach.

Laguna Burger: A Cult Classic

In the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico, burger enthusiasts have found their haven at Laguna Burger. What started as a small joint outside of the city on the historic Route 66 quickly gained a loyal cult following, leading to the opening of a new location within Albuquerque itself.

At Laguna Burger, they pride themselves on serving up the most mouthwatering and satisfying burgers in town. Their menu features an array of delectable burger options designed to please all palates.

Original Laguna Burger

One of the highlights at Laguna Burger is their original Laguna Burger, a classic masterpiece that combines a juicy patty with the iconic Hatch green chile. This heavenly combination gives each bite a delightful balance of flavors, delivering a true taste of New Mexico.

Wimp Burgers

Laguna Burger also caters to those who prefer smaller portions or milder toppings with their “Wimp” burgers. These burgers offer all the deliciousness of their original creations but with reduced spice and portion size, perfect for those who want a tasty burger without feeling overwhelmed.

With their dedication to quality ingredients, meticulous preparation, and a passion for creating unforgettable burger experiences, Laguna Burger has become a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike in Albuquerque. If you’re seeking a burger that will leave you craving for more, look no further than Laguna Burger.

Blake’s Lotaburger: An Albuquerque Classic

When it comes to classic burger chains in Albuquerque, Blake’s Lotaburger stands out as a local favorite. With a long-standing presence in the city, Blake’s Lotaburger has become synonymous with delicious burgers and exceptional service. Their commitment to quality and their unique open kitchen concept have made them a go-to destination for burger lovers.

If you’re in Albuquerque and looking for the best burger in town, make sure to stop by Blake’s Lotaburger. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be greeted with the sight and aroma of freshly grilling patties, creating a mouthwatering experience that is hard to resist.

At Blake’s Lotaburger, they believe that the key to a great burger is using only the finest ingredients. From the juicy beef patties to the perfectly toasted buns, every element of their burgers is crafted with care and attention to detail. You can watch as their talented cooks assemble your burger, ensuring that every bite is a flavorful delight.

One of their most popular offerings is the classic green chile cheeseburger. This signature creation features a perfectly cooked patty topped with melted cheese and their famous green chile, all sandwiched between two soft buns. The combination of savory beef, creamy cheese, and the kick of green chile is a taste sensation that keeps customers coming back for more.

While national chains may have gained fame and recognition, locals know that Blake’s Lotaburger is where you’ll find the best burger in Albuquerque. Their commitment to quality and their dedication to the craft of burger-making have earned them a loyal following in the community.


In conclusion, Albuquerque offers an array of options for burger enthusiasts to enjoy the biggest and most delicious burgers in town. Whether you’re craving On The Flip’s perfected beach grub, Laguna Burger’s cult classic, or the taste of Albuquerque’s burger tradition at Blake’s Lotaburger, there is something for everyone.

For those looking for unique twists on the classic American dish, Rustic On The Green, Holy Burger, Caveman Burgers, and Bosque Burgers provide delightful alternatives. These top burger joints in Albuquerque showcase the city’s diverse culinary scene and guarantee a memorable dining experience.

With mouthwatering options and flavors to cater to every preference, Albuquerque is the ultimate destination for anyone on the hunt for the biggest and most delicious burgers. So, get ready to embark on a burger adventure and indulge in the city’s outstanding burger offerings!

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