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Top Spots for the Best Burgers in Albuquerque

When it comes to satisfying your burger cravings, Albuquerque has got you covered. This vibrant city is home to some of the best burger joints in town, serving up delicious and mouthwatering burgers that are sure to leave you wanting more.

From gourmet burgers to classic cheeseburgers, there is a burger for every palate in Albuquerque. Whether you’re a fan of juicy beef patties, gourmet toppings, or vegetarian options, the burger scene in Albuquerque has something to offer everyone.

So, if you’re in search of the best burgers in Albuquerque, look no further. We’ve rounded up the top-rated burger spots that are known for their flavorful and unforgettable creations. Get ready to indulge in a burger experience like no other!

Key Takeaways:

  • Albuquerque offers a diverse range of burger joints renowned for their delicious and gourmet burgers.
  • From classic cheeseburgers to unique creations, there’s a burger for every taste preference in Albuquerque.
  • The burger scene in Albuquerque caters to all, including meat lovers, vegetarians, and those seeking unique flavor combinations.
  • Prepare for a mouthwatering experience as you explore the top-rated burger spots in Albuquerque.
  • Don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in some of the best burgers in town!

Burger & Beer? Sign me up!

Burger & Beer is a popular joint in Albuquerque that serves up mouthwatering burgers. Their Big & Bold Burger is a tower of deliciousness, with a perfectly grilled patty, crisp bacon, melted cheese, and tangy barbecue sauce. For those who like a kick, the Spicy Pepper Jack Burger is a must-try. And don’t forget to order a side of crispy onion rings to complete your meal.

Caveman Burgers – Unique and Exceptional

Caveman Burgers stands out with its impressive selection of unique and exceptional burgers. Each burger is crafted with precision, resulting in a culinary experience like no other. Whether you’re a steak lover or crave the perfect combination of sweet and smoky flavors, Caveman Burgers has something to satisfy every palate.

For those who appreciate indulgence, the steak burger with cheese is a true delight. Picture a juicy, perfectly grilled steak patty topped with melted cheese for that irresistible cheesy goodness. Each bite is a heavenly experience that will leave you craving for more.

If you’re looking for a burst of flavors in every bite, the bacon jam burger is a must-try. This unique creation combines the sweetness of the bacon jam, the saltiness of the crispy bacon, and the smokiness of the perfectly cooked patty. It’s a harmonious blend that will tantalize your taste buds.

If you prefer a classic burger with a twist, the caveman classic is the way to go. This burger exemplifies the essence of a traditional burger, with high-quality ingredients and a flavor profile that takes you back to the basics. It’s a timeless option that never fails to satisfy.

At Caveman Burgers, innovation meets tradition, resulting in burgers that are truly one-of-a-kind. Each burger is crafted with passion and attention to detail, ensuring an extraordinary dining experience that will keep you coming back for more. Visit Caveman Burgers and embark on a culinary adventure that will change your perception of what a burger can be.

Customer Reviews:

“Caveman Burgers takes burger perfection to a whole new level. The steak burger with cheese is a dream come true.” – Jessica W.

“I couldn’t resist trying the bacon jam burger, and boy, was it a fantastic decision. The combination of flavors is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted.” – Mark M.

“When I’m in the mood for a classic burger done right, I always turn to the caveman classic at Caveman Burgers. It’s the epitome of burger perfection.” – Sarah T.

Rex’s Hamburgers – Classic and Delicious

Rex’s Hamburgers is a classic spot in Albuquerque that serves up delicious burgers. Their menu features a variety of mouthwatering options that are sure to satisfy any burger lover.

Classic Cheeseburger

One of the standout items on Rex’s Hamburgers menu is their classic cheeseburger. Made with juicy beef and topped with melted cheese, this burger is a crowd favorite. Each bite is a perfect combination of flavors and textures, creating a truly satisfying dining experience.

Avocado Jalapeno Burger

If you’re looking to spice things up, try Rex’s avocado jalapeno burger. This unique creation combines creamy avocado with fiery jalapenos for a burger that packs a punch. The creamy avocado provides a cool contrast to the spicy jalapenos, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

Portobello Mushroom Burger

Vegetarians will delight in Rex’s portobello mushroom burger. This flavorful burger features a juicy portobello mushroom cap as the star ingredient. Topped with fresh vegetables and served on a soft bun, it’s a satisfying option for those looking for a meatless meal.

With their classic cheeseburger, avocado jalapeno burger, and portobello mushroom burger, Rex’s Hamburgers offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a traditionalist or an adventurous eater, you’re sure to find a burger that satisfies your cravings.

5 Star Burgers – No-Fuss, Tasty Burgers

When it comes to no-fuss, tasty burgers, 5 Star Burgers takes the crown. This popular burger joint is renowned for its mouthwatering creations that keep customers coming back for more. Whether you’re craving a classic burger, a lamb burger, or a mushroom burger, this place has got you covered.

Let’s start with the classic burger. It’s a nostalgic experience with every bite. Picture a fluffy bun, perfectly grilled patty, and crunchy lettuce. Each element harmoniously blends together to create a burger that brings back memories of backyard barbecues and simple, delicious flavors.

If you’re feeling adventurous, the lamb burger is a must-try. Tender and flavorful, the lamb patty is cooked to perfection and topped with a combination of savory ingredients. It’s a unique twist on the traditional burger that will satisfy your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

For cheese lovers, the mushroom burger is irresistibly cheesy and oh-so-satisfying. Picture sautéed mushrooms piled high on a juicy patty, topped with melted cheese that oozes with each bite. It’s a flavor explosion that will keep you coming back for another bite.

And to add even more flavor to your burger, don’t forget to try their homemade sauces. From tangy barbecue to zesty aioli, these sauces take your burger to the next level of deliciousness.

At 5 Star Burgers, you can expect no-fuss, tasty burgers that hit all the right spots. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic burger, a lamb burger, or a mushroom burger, this burger joint delivers on flavor and quality every time.

Holy Cow Burger – Towering Delights

Holy Cow Burger is a burger haven that offers a sensational selection of towering delights. One of their standout creations is the legendary Holy Cow Burger, a true work of art for burger enthusiasts. This burger is crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, delivering an explosion of flavors and textures with every bite.

The Holy Cow Burger starts with a perfectly seasoned Angus beef patty, ensuring that every mouthful is packed with juicy goodness. It is then topped with crispy bacon, adding a delightful crunch and smoky flavor. The gooey American cheese melts blissfully over the beef, creating a luscious layer of goodness.

To balance the richness, Holy Cow Burger adds tangy pickles that provide a zesty kick, cutting through the richness of the burger. This combination of flavors creates a harmonious balance that keeps you coming back for more.

For vegetarian burger enthusiasts, Holy Cow Burger offers a delicious alternative with their fried avocado burger. This unique creation combines the creamy richness of fried avocado with a medley of flavors that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

At Holy Cow Burger, every burger is crafted to perfection, ensuring a memorable dining experience. Whether you’re a meat lover or a vegetarian, you’re guaranteed to find a towering delight that will exceed your expectations.

Customer Reviews

“The Holy Cow Burger at Holy Cow Burger is a true carnivorous masterpiece. The flavors are extraordinary, and the size is incredible. Truly a must-try for burger lovers!” – Sarah

“As a vegetarian, I appreciate the variety at Holy Cow Burger. The fried avocado burger is absolutely delicious and full of flavor. It’s one of the best vegetarian burgers I’ve ever had!” – Mike

Menu Highlights

Burger Description Price
Holy Cow Burger Angus beef patty, crispy bacon, American cheese, tangy pickles $12.99
Fried Avocado Burger Fried avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, chipotle mayo $11.99

Rustic on the Green – Seriously Delicious Burgers

Rustic on the Green is a spot where you can indulge in seriously delicious burgers. Their Spicy Southwest burger adds a touch of spice with fiery jalapenos and zesty chipotle mayo. And their gourmet mushroom burger is an explosion of umami flavors, topped with sauteed mushrooms and truffle-infused mayo.

Menu Highlights

Here are some of the mouthwatering burger options available at Rustic on the Green:

  • Spicy Southwest Burger: A tantalizing combination of juicy beef, fiery jalapenos, melty cheese, and zesty chipotle mayo. This burger is sure to add some heat to your dining experience.
  • Gourmet Mushroom Burger: For those who crave a rich and savory burger, the gourmet mushroom burger is a perfect choice. It features sauteed mushrooms, truffle-infused mayo, and a juicy patty that will leave you wanting more.

Customer Reviews

“The Spicy Southwest burger at Rustic on the Green is a flavor-packed delight. The jalapenos add just the right amount of heat, and the chipotle mayo adds a creamy and smoky touch. It’s a must-try for spice lovers!” – Sarah D.

Visit Rustic on the Green

Don’t miss out on the seriously delicious burgers at Rustic on the Green. Whether you’re in the mood for a Spicy Southwest burger or a gourmet mushroom burger, they have something to satisfy every burger craving.


Albuquerque’s burger scene is a haven for burger lovers. With a wide variety of options ranging from classic cheeseburgers to gourmet creations, the city offers something to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re in the mood for a mouthwatering, juicy beef burger, a flavorful and unique gourmet burger, or a delicious vegetarian option, there are plenty of top-rated burger joints and restaurants in Albuquerque that will deliver an unforgettable burger experience.

From the towering delights of Holy Cow Burger to the exceptional offerings at Caveman Burgers, each burger joint in Albuquerque brings its own special touch to the table. Rustic on the Green’s seriously delicious burgers and Burger & Beer’s perfect combination of burgers with a side of crisp onion rings are just a glimpse into the mouthwatering options available in the city.

Don’t miss out on the chance to indulge in the best burgers in Albuquerque. Whether you’re a local or visiting the city, be sure to check out these top burger places for an unforgettable gourmet burger experience. With their dedication to quality ingredients, creative flavors, and exceptional cooking techniques, these burger joints are truly a cut above the rest.


What makes Burger & Beer a popular spot in Albuquerque?

Burger & Beer is known for serving mouthwatering burgers, including their Big & Bold Burger and Spicy Pepper Jack Burger. They also offer delicious crispy onion rings as a side.

What unique and exceptional burgers does Caveman Burgers offer?

Caveman Burgers offers a variety of unique burgers, including their steak burger with cheese and bacon jam burger. They also have a classic option called the caveman classic.

What are some classic and delicious burgers served at Rex’s Hamburgers?

Rex’s Hamburgers serves a classic cheeseburger that is a crowd favorite. They also have an avocado jalapeno burger for those looking for something different. Vegetarians will love their portobello mushroom burger.

What kind of no-fuss, tasty burgers can you find at 5 Star Burgers?

5 Star Burgers offers a classic burger with a fluffy bun, juicy patty, and crisp lettuce. They also serve a tasty lamb burger and a cheesy mushroom burger. Don’t forget to try their homemade sauces.

What towering delights await at Holy Cow Burger?

Holy Cow Burger offers the Holy Cow Burger, a tower of deliciousness with perfectly seasoned Angus beef, crispy bacon, gooey American cheese, and tangy pickles. They also have a fried avocado burger for vegetarians.

What seriously delicious burgers can you find at Rustic on the Green?

Rustic on the Green offers the Spicy Southwest burger with fiery jalapenos and zesty chipotle mayo. Their gourmet mushroom burger is topped with sauteed mushrooms and truffle-infused mayo, creating an explosion of umami flavors.

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